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Best Practices for Teaching with Etudes


 Share your own Best Practices and Tips on this wiki webpage by clicking on Edit page button above. 


Student Engagement and Active Learning


Risk-Free Trial: Frontloading Tactics to Engage College Students in Online Courses 


Student Sharing of Web Resources


Use the ETUDES News (RSS feed) tool with the help of tagging and social bookmarking (Del.icio.us) to engage your students. For details, see this blog titled Tagging as learning - activity description.


To learn more about Del.icio.us as a teaching tool, view this podcast about: 

  • Creating a Del.icio.us account
  • Browsing the Del.icio.us homepage - use it to discover new sites
  • Tags - their uses and implementation
  • Using your "Network" to share educational websites
  • Additional ways to easily share links
  • Searching Del.icio.us by tag
  • Browsing for specific education-related tags 


Student Submitted Multimedia for Peer Review


Using the built in RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feature at Box.net, you can allow your students to view your stored files using ETUDES News (RSS feed) tool. You can invite your students to upload their large multimedia files (up to 10mb each) to your Box.net account.  If you choose to make it public, you can release it to the ETUDES New feed for other students to view.


25 Engaging Interactions for eLearning


Student Assessment


Check Tests BEFORE Publishing 


ALWAYS test-drive quizzes and tests as a student in a Development (DEV) site, prior to publishing them to students.  Use of Preview is not sufficient to identify any problems. 


This is particularly important when working with tests that were imported from Classic. When tests are designed using the Tests and Quizzes tool, it has good validation and it will not let instructors enter two choices for a single m/c type question NOR will it let them save a question with no choice selected. However, when importing tests from Classic or Word-2-QTI, there is no such validation, so human errors are not caught.

To test-drive course site tests and quizzes as a student, use Add Participant to create a Fake Student account. 


QTI Word Converter


You may want to take note that the QTI Word Converter creates a test with NO high security settings available.  This is a problem for when the instructor needs to make a duplicate of the test for make-up or special accommodation with a password security setting.

Bottomline is to NOT make a test directly with QTI Word Converter files.  Make a Question Pool instead.

The workaround for those who have already created a test directly with QTI Word Convert is: 

1.  Export the existing Test as a file and save on Desktop
2.  Import that Test file to Question Pools
3.  Create a new version of the Test using the new Question Pool  


Prevent Cheating and Plagiarism


Manage Discussions


Insert your own Best Practices and Tips here.



Want to make multimedia files larger than 5mb available to your students in ETUDES NG?


Using the built in RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feature at Box.net, you can allow your students to view your stored files using ETUDES News (RSS feed) tool.   Each publicly shared folder and public Box in your account has its own RSS feed that can be recognized by the ETUDES RSS news feed reader.


Step 1:  Get a free account at Box.net

  • Total File Storage Space: 1.0 GB
  • Bandwidth: up to 10.0 GB
  • Max File-size: 10MB


Step 2:  Upload your chosen multimedia files to your new Box.net account and make them Public.


Step  3:  Select the folder you want to make available.  Click on List View.  Select 'Get Public Link' from the drop-down menu of the folder you'd like to share.  You will be presented with an RSS link that you can post to ETUDES.  Copy the URL (web address) listed under RSS: Open URL.


Step 4:  Login to your ETUDES course.  Click on Site Info.  Click on Edit Tools.  Select News.  Paste the RSS URL from your Box.net account

Powerpoint Slideshows

Consider converting your powerpoint slideshow to webpage(s) or flash, or compressing your slideshow file.


A quick tutorial on how to compress images inside Powerpoint slideshows for smaller file size and easier upload to NG is available at:



Or, post your slideshows outside ETUDES NG at Slideshare (http://slideshare.net).




Insert your own Best Practices and Tips here.


Monitor Student Participation in Etudes


Suggested Alternatives to Student Tracking for Checking Attendance





Set minimum criteria for attendance and participation

State specific student activities that meet minimum criteria for attendance such as submission of weekly assignments, weekly postings on Discussions

Tests and Quizzes

Quiz on Syllabus content

In order to access course content (Modules or lessons), students must pass a quiz demonstrating that they understand the Syllabus.


Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

Require students to complete a minimum number of quick exercises that assess students’ current learning on a frequent basis such as posting weekly journaling/reflection of learning experiences in Assignments (grade as pass/fail).

Class Discussions

Weekly Discussion Questions

Require students to respond to posted Discussion questions weekly:

  • Use a rubric that sets minimum criteria
  • Provide examples of acceptable responses


[The Chat tool keeps a transcript of all students who enter a comment.  An instructor could use this as a way to track attendance if students are assigned to post a Chat comment each time they login.]

Student Portfolios



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