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How To's February 2008

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How To's for February 2008

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To Publish a Better/Corrected Version of an Exam Some Students Have Already Taken That is Linked to Gradebook

  1. Go to Grading on the original exam
  2. Write down the FINAL score of the students who took it.
  3. Make sure you use pagination/scrolling to capture everyone.
  4. Go to Assessments
  5. On the row of the exam in question, go to the two blue pages icon
  6. Click it to duplicate the exam
  7. If you want questions in the exam to be changed, change them in the pool the exam draws from
  8. If you want settings to change, click on the sprocket icon for the exam
  9. Make any changes to settings—link this one to the gradebook too
  10. Test Drive the new version of the test and verify the edited questions
  11. Publish the new test
  12. Archive or unpublish the old test
  13. In the new test go to Grading
  14. Click on the new test's title
  15. Find the student names that had taken the old test
  16. Enter their scores in the Final Score column.


To allow 1 or more students more time, extend the due date or grace period

  1. Go to Assessments.
  2. At the far RIGHT column for a given test, locate the head and shoulders icon—'Special Access"


  3. Click it
  4. Click on Add.
  5. In the drop-down menu, choose the individuals who qualify for another try. You can select more than one by holding down the control or apple button on the keyboard as you click on names


  6. Type number of tries you wish to offer.
  7. Type the time allotment you wish to offer
  8. You may add a password to provide to the selected students if you wish.
  9. Click Done.

Will affect ONLY the students you select.


Change a Score on a Student's Tes

  1. Click on Grading (menu bar).
  2. Click on the test title that you want to grade.
  3. Find student whose score you want to adjust
  4. Enter the points in the Final Score column (to the right).
  5. Click on Save/Done at the bottom.



Tests with a Reading and Questions

  1. Put all questions pertaining to one reading into one question pool (with no other questions)
  2. Create an assessment.
  3. Add a part.


  4. Type the reading into Instructions of the part.
  5. Select the questions pertaining to that reading to appear in the same part
  6. In Settings (before publishing), set to 1 part per page.
  7. This will allow students to see the reading at the top of the page (in the instructions) and have the questions follow below.
  8. Repeat these steps for each reading, creating parts and putting questions per reading into separate question pools


Managing Display of Discussions by Date

To set discussions up at the beginning of a term but not make them visible until a later date, work with Forums instead of Topics.

To organize your discussions this way

  1. Go to Manage link at the top of the window
  2. Click Forums
  3. Go to "Click to Edit" and inser the dates you want

Another approach

  1. Create an "Archived Weekly Topics" forum
  2. Set to *DENY Access* Students don't see this forum
  3. When you are ready to make visible use the "move" function
  4. Topic goes from Archives to active Weekly Topics

Disadvantage of this approach: have to open / move topics manually weekly


Alternatively, you can click on a student's name and change the score of individual questions, as you please. Leave the final score field alone. It'll be adjusted when you click on Done.

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