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How To's October 2007

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How To's for October 2007

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row of jack-o-laterns

If a student can't see a course tab check these three reasons:


  1. He or she is not listed in your college's roster file as "E" (active) and thus NOT in the course's Site Info.
  2. He or she is listed as inactive under Site Info, of the course.
  3. The student has made a site 'invisible' under Customize Tabs in his or her own view of the course.


To Give Gradebook Points to an Assignment Not Submitted in ETUDES-NG


  1. Go to the Gradebook
  2. Click Add Assignment from the top set of links
  3. Fill in the required fields (*)
  4. Click the "make it so" button (Add, Save, Update, whatever it happens to be)
  5. Go into the assignment and manually type in the points for each student


Accessing Text Submitted in a Test


There is a secret way to be able to copy and paste in order to do word counts or other things.


  1. Click on the Scores link below the assessment.
  2. Click on Questions (toward the top left)
  3. There is a live link next to the comments boxes for each student's submission.
  4. The link opens a new window with text you can copy and paste (not greyed out like the regular way of reading them).


Manually Enter a Grade REGARDLESS of Whether or Not Submitted Through Assignments


Work backwards from the gradebook


IF rest of class' grades are in the gradebook, first revise that assignment not to send grades to gradebook.


IF it's a new assignment not yet in the gradebook, start at #6 below.


  1. Go to Gradebook
  2. Click on the Add Assignment link
  3. Manually add an entry.
  4. Enter the Title, Point Value, Due Date and check the appropriate options
  5. Submit.
  6. Go to Assignments
  7. Clic Revise under existing assignment.
  8. At bottom of Add/Revise Assignment window, under Grading, click "Associate with existing Gradebook assignment"
  9. Click the drop-down list and select the assignment you just created in Gradebook
  10. Post.


Grades entered in the Assignments Tool will be sent to the Gradebook automatically.


Students who do not submit, or submit another way, you can go to the Gradebook and enter points manually.


  1. Go into the Assignments
  2. Under assignment that is submitted by rest of class, click Revise
  3. Click DO NOT add assignment to gradebook.
  4. Post.


Tip from Jim Marteney: Using YouTube in Modules


You can insert the video directly into a section at the exact location of your choice.

  1. Find the Youtube video of your choice.
  2. Instead of copying the url address, copy the tag just below that called, "embedded.
  3. Go to the section where you want the video included.
  4. Move to the bottom of the section area and click the 'HTML Source" tab under your editing box
  5. In the HTML Source, paste the embedded tag.
  6. Save and play. And you are done.

Note: When you save the html source, all you see from the author perspective is a big red square with the word object in the middle. You are okay. Just look at the section in the view perspective and you will see the video.



To View All Submission from Students for a Test

  1. Go to Tests & Quizzes
  2. Click on Scores (available AFTER submissions are in)
  3. In the drop-down menu click "view all submissions."
  4. Every student will have a row for each submission


You can see the time they submitted each submission and the score.

Click the name for each submission to see details on each attempt, per question.



Moving a Student'Topic to a Different Location

  1. At the bottom of the page for each section, (Questions, Class Discussions and Student Lounge) are the options Delete, Move, Lock, Unlock


  2. Check whichever topic you want to move
  3. Select Move
  4. A page opens up with a dropdown menu "Move to forum"
  5. Select the new location for the topic

This works to move an inappropriate topic a student has created. However, to move an inappropriate response within an established topic, delete it and ask the student to repost it in the appropriate forum (eg Student Lounge).

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