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Multimedia Resources


6 Ways to Find Reusable Media  





See Open Vault is an open content library that contains a vast resource of clips from Boston’s flagship public television station, WGBH.  It runs the gamut from recordings of poets reading their work to interviews of participants in the Cuban Missile Crisis and Civil Rights Movement.   A well-designed, easy to use website, and offers a nice set of annotation tools to help you organize and tag the content.




Educational podcasts from colleges and universities




Pay-per-use Permissions Service is the Copyright Centers's pay-per-use permissions service provides instant authorization to use and share content from the world's leading titles in science, technology, medicine, humanities, news, business, finance and more.


MediaRights is an organization that shares documentaries and videos on a wide range of today’s social issues. You can subscribe to their video feed from the rss link on their home page or their channel in the Democracy player. They also have a news rss feed and you can access more information about the organization, including how to get involved, on their homepage http://www.mediarights.org/ I was unable to determine the licensing of their films from the website, but regardless, the issues they cover are very relevant to the Open community.




ELI 7 Things you should know about screencasting: http://www.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ELI7012.pdf


Blogs about Use of Multimedia for Teaching and Learning


Underwhelmed by iTunes U



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