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November 2007

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How To's for November 2007

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Get Info on ALL Test Submission

The testing tool gives the results for the highest grade. But you can see all the attempts and their results.

  • Go to Assessment
  • Choose Scores
  • At the top of the window, see a drop-down menu (Highest Submission)
  • Choose All Submissions
  • Go any student with more than one submission
  • Compare their answers to questions.



Gotcha on Assignment Resubmissions


When a student turns in a resubmission for an assignment, do not grade the assignment unless you are prepared to release the feedback to the student at the time of grading. Although Save Draft appears on the page of a RE-submission, it doesn't work that way. ETUDES NG will only save a draft of your feedback on the first submission. Any grading on subsequent submissions is returned to the student immediately, even if you click save draft. In cases where students have mistakenly turned in the next assignment early, you don't want to release your comments and solutions before the rest of the class has submitted theirs.


No Scroll Bars in a Submitted Essay Test Question

  1. Click within the portion of text you can see.
  2. Hold down your mouse button and drag down.
  3. The window should scroll down to make visible the text you can't see.
  4. That highlights the text, but you can un-highlight the text by clicking in the lower portion, once you can see it.


  1. When you click on "Scores" and see the list of students.
  2. Click on "Questions" (near the top).
  3. Click on the question number at the top that corresponds to the essay question.

    Next to each student's name a link that says "Click to See Student Response."

  4. When you click on that it will display the response in a scrollable window even in IE.

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