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Learning Materials for Community College Teaching


Open Educational Resources


Alternatives to Expensive Textbooks and Heavy Backpacks



"Clearly, the issue of whether to use a textbook is complex, and it is dependent upon course and curricular goals. Students (and colleagues) expect a textbook; yet often, the textbook is not used, except as a reference. Most textbooks are not written with current evidence about best teaching and learning practices in mind, so they may be difficult to integrate into the design and presentation of a course that is based on this evidence. Because many instructors provide detailed online or downloadable notes, it would be a worthwhile exercise to consider whether a textbook is required, or whether other materials could serve its purpose. In the end, the result may be a more thoughtful approach to what is taught, how it is taught, and how student mastery is assessed."


~ M. W. Klymkowsky ~ 



  • Foster sharing, development, and use of public domain learning materials or open educational resources (OER) by community college faculty as alternatives or supplements to proprietary textbooks
  • Collect, organize, and disseminate contributions to a list of open and free learning materials suitable for using in community colleges




Visit Introduction to Open Educational Resources for introductory, self-paced tutorials and related resources. The Open Educational Resources movement is part of a global effort to make knowledge available to all. The UNESCO's Virtual University Forum provides an overview about definitions, initiatives, and community-building.  See presentations about OER.  See OER Blogs for the latest news.


Support for Use of Open Educational Resources on Campus


Use of open content or learning materials on a college campus represents a significant paradigm shift for both faculty and the institution. Visit Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) for a guide.


Online Facilitated Courses



Self-paced tutorials



Open Textbook Adoption 

Five steps to adopting an open textbook for your course.


Step Task
ONE List keywords based on course objectives or student learning outcomes
TWO Search for open content using the keywords
THREE Select appropriate open content
FOUR Organize open content into an open textbook
FIVE Publish and disseminate the open textbook to students


Also, see How to Toss the Textbook


Sources of Learning Materials


Many learning materials are freely available from repositories and other Sources of Open Content.


Presentations about OER 


Overview of OER (must have iTunes installed)


Create your Video Collection at VodPod



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